Maisie moo

My beagle pup is ten months old now and although she’s the most well behaved beagle I’ve met (obviously biased) she’s still very mischievous – imagine a toddler in the terrible twos!

My mum got married at the weekend and it was festival themed which meant camping, with Maisie! Never been so nervous in all my life but she loved it even if she did eat all the cupcakes…

Still have a bit of training to go yet but we’re getting there! I thought recall was good until she saw a cat in the street and she ran off faster than Usain bolt!!

Me and Sam both work full time so Maisie goes to her grandmas and to doggy daycare which she loves!

She’s a little pampered princess, she throws tantrums and sulks when she’s told off – Sam says she is a dog version of me. Fussiest eater but will happily eat whatever you’ve got.

This little beagle definitely keeps me and sam on our toes especially during her mad hour. But when she finally calms down she’s the cuddliest little pup ever and I can’t wait to see how she is with Isla in the new year.


My beautiful brown eyed girl – there are so many stories but I thought I’d just start with a small introduction. More stories to follow.



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