My pregnancy up to now.. 18 weeks

A little background

So around this time last year I had a miscarriage quite early on about 6-7 weeks into my pregnancy and it just really threw me off mentally this is the first time I’ve openly spoken about this. I couldn’t understand why it hadn’t worked out and you start asking all kinds of questions about whether you’ll even be able to have a baby. Quiet scary really – after this experience I went back on my contraception and I found an App called “Glow” which is full of other women who have experienced either the same or something similar and it really puts it into perspective how often this happens and that you aren’t alone!

Feb 2018

Me and Sam decided I come off my pill again, not really to try just to sort of try regulate myself again and try to manage my emotions and weight gain. I started to take folic acid just as a safety in case I did fall pregnant.

May 2018

My period wasn’t even late but I had a weird feeling that I should test. I didn’t have any HCG test so I used an ovulation stick and it was positive, but according to my Glow app I shouldn’t have been at this time. This is also how I found out I was pregnant in 2017 by using a LH dip stick. I ran to the shop and bought a test and there it was! The faint blue line.

June 2018

With having a miscarriage last year I was very scared this time around so I booked a private scan for 8 weeks just to be sure, and there it was the flicker on the screen!


And then we got our 12 week scan at the end of June – definitely a baby in there!


July 2018

And the end of July was when we found out our peanut was a little girl!!!!


Throughout my pregnancy I’ve struggled massively, morning sickness 24/7 is not ideal – especially when you haven’t told work. I said I wouldn’t lie so I wont – this weight gain has killed me: I’m 4ft 11 so I will look like an umpa lumpa by the 9 month mark.


  • SPOTS – never usually have them and now I’m covered.
  • Dizziness
  • Sickness
  • Fatigue – literally exhausted hanging the washing out!
  • Dry hair!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Weird appetite – comes and goes whenever it feels like it.
  • Emotional (Sorry Sam- I love you)
  • Heightened sense of smell


  • Milkshakes!
  • Anything with chocolate in
  • Sweets
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato Salad
  • Onions! RAW

Again there are so many things I could talk about regarding the time I’ve had up to now so in my next posts I’ll be more specific and try hit more points in a bit more detail! feel free to comment or ask questions – any other first time mums out there definitely message its nice to have some company along this journey.

Much love Hebe xx


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