What has happened to my body? And what is sleep? 19weeks 2 days pregnant.

I said I would be as honest as I could whilst writing this blog, so here goes: I thought you were supposed to glow during pregnancy and feel amazing after the 12 week mark. (Obviously everybody is different) But this feels like a huge lie! I am coming up to my 20 week scan in a few days and let me tell you.. I AM NOT GLOWING.

My hair is the driest it’s ever been, I have acne break outs all over my face and I’m getting pretty big now, I’m exhausted 24/7, I feel like a beached whale (only being 4ft 11 doesn’t help)  and I have no idea what a full nights sleep is!

I’ve now purchased a pregnancy pillow (EBay £14), to try to help me get to sleep without being uncomfortable, and it is definitely getting better. However the more sleep I feel like I’m having still doesn’t feel like enough. This little peanut is really zapping me of everything.

The changes in my body are something I didn’t even think about before getting pregnant, and don’t get me wrong pregnancy is a beautiful thing and our bodies are truly amazing; but I didn’t expect to be this big so soon so I don’t feel sexy or even remotely attractive. My Belly button is starting to fade away now – and well my nipples aren’t mine anymore they are completely unrecognisable!

The pictures above are 5 months apart – sorry about the belly shot but wanted this to be real and it doesn’t have a filter that is now my belly – and I’ve got another 20 weeks of growth to go.

On a positive note (sorry for ranting), I can feel movements every now and again. I can’t see her move from the outside but she is definitely wiggling around, usually at night. I’m very excited but also nervous for the 20 week scan this week, this will be the anomaly scan.

Believe it or not I am enjoying being pregnant its incredible to see how your body keeps changing to accommodate this tiny human, I’m guessing a lot of women only post about the good times and “the glow” because that’s the nice positives.

If you know me on a personal level then you will know I am never organised EVER – but I can honestly say I don’t need anything else really for baby except for clothes, nappies, wipes and bath products. I am not a millionaire and have tried to stay in my lane and not be silly when it comes to buying things, The snuzpod i have is second-hand from a friend costing £40 instead of £200. My travel system I managed to find online and it includes the car seat, stroller, gondola, rain covers, front & rear facing for all features, rain cover and changing bag – this cost £280! I don’t see the need for expensive things unless you really do have money to burn.

I have to say my boyfriend has been amazing and perks me right back up when I’m feeling a bit down, my rock through all of the bad times and then laughs and enjoys the good times with me – my partner but also my bestest friend, and maisie well she just keeps me busy and her cuddles are the best!

Next post will be sooner than a week so I can share my 20 week scan experience with you all!

If anybody else feels the same please like and comment, thanks for reading!

Hebe xx



4 thoughts on “What has happened to my body? And what is sleep? 19weeks 2 days pregnant.

  1. Babe,

    You are glowing to us. You look as amazing as you always do.
    Your fabulous hun.
    That pillow looks super comfy like I wanna go…!

    Lottsa love babe



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