20 weeks down 20 to go!

So here we are! 20 weeks in, never even thought I’d get this far.

Baby is absolutely fine in there cooking nicely and no abnormalities – 10 fingers and 10 little toes, she is 100% a girl! Isla we can’t wait to meet you!

I’ve learned over this past week she is more active at night which means no sleep for me!! I’ve now bought a handheld Doppler to help with my anxiety and it works, found her heartbeat “138”. It’s nice for sam to hear as well because he can’t feel her movements yet.

I’ve met some wonderful mums to be and mums on Instagram if you would like to follow my username is – hebeaxon

Started prepping her nursery with Sam our house is mainly grey and white, so in Isla’s room we’ve stuck with that but added pink!

it’s still not finished and waiting for her bedding and bumper to arrive! But we’re getting there.

Im really looking forward to the birth strangely – it will just be me and sam during labour which is what we both wanted, such a special moment I can’t wait for!

Still craving milkshakes, coleslaw, onions, chocolate!

My bump is also really sticking out now which I’m happy about –

Not a lot to update on this time just wanted to say my scan went well and I’m happy!!

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