Finally feeling better..


21 weeks 2 days.


So now I’ve gone past the halfway mark I’m starting to feel more like myself again just without the energy – seriously hanging the washing out still means I need a half an hour break before I do anything else!

Something exciting!!!

This week has been somewhat special especially for Sam, as now we can see her moving from the outside – I’ve been feeling movements from about 17 weeks, each week becoming stronger, then last night it happened! I caught her prodding me and moving from side to side – such an amazing feeling and now I can share this with Sam! Feeling a lot more positive this week, I keep thinking I have ages left until she arrives but it isn’t actually that long now and especially with the run up to Christmas and everything I have no doubt that it will fly by.



I also have one of those handheld Doppler things – which keeps my anxiety at bay because I know she is less active in the day more late afternoon and through the night – which means no sleep for me but I’m glad she’s a wriggler! As long as you do your research and can distinguish between babies heartbeat and yours it’s a pretty good tool! Definitely recommend.

There is so many other girls pregnant at the moment including a few of my closest friends which is lovely because it means I have people to talk too about weird things and they actually understand me. There will be a lot of 2019 babies!!!!!


I feel huge in comparison to some other girls who are just as far along as me but I just have to keep thinking that everybody is different and every pregnancy is different. Bump is always bigger at night obviously bloating will be affecting this as well.


This picture it actually doesn’t look as big! which is good – obviously I have put weight on along the way but I am so determined to get the weight off after she has arrived, set myself a goal!

Feeding etc

I really 100000000% want to breastfeed, I understand that it’s not for everyone but I got cursed/blessed with some backbreakers so I may as well put them to good use – obviously providing they work. There is a lot of backlash on women who choose not to do it and I feel like this is unfair – some people are unable and I know people who have given it a go and chosen not too. Instead of judging, everybody should just live and let live! Support each other instead of tearing others down!


My rock

Definitely my positive week so I needed to post! Couldn’t be closer to Sam at the moment and its so nice, even with him working a lot. Literally keeping me sane! I was so scared he wouldn’t like my body with all these changes but he’s embraced it more than me, so much love for this man!




I Swear I was happy I was just very hungry haha!

Thanks for reading guys – hopefully have some more updates and purchases for you soon!!!!

Hebe xx

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