Not even had my child and I get pestered about babysitting..

This is more of a ranting post!! Sorry in advance.

I WILL NOT NEED A BABYSITTER, not whilst my baby is a newborn. Nobody. Those are my moments, I carried her she is mine and Sams. I cannot stress this enough, definitely not until like 6 months it’s just not needed. I also want to breastfeed and I am set on that, my mum breastfed me and I will be very upset if I can’t. Which in case people don’t realise I will need to be present for feeds etc.

I must have at least one person everyday say “I can’t wait to babysit” – listen.. wherever my baby goes for those first 6 months will be where I go so there will be absolutely no need for a babysitter. You want to spend time with US, that is great you can see all of us AND THIS INCLUDES MY MAISIE MOO – this is bugging me everyday at the moment.

And when you even mention that it won’t happen or you won’t need one they suddenly make you feel like a psycho or like you have said something wrong but I can guarantee if they’ve had a baby or been pregnant they will know the feeling I’m having now.

In fact I got made to doubt myself and googled it! EVERY SINGLE MUM has had the same issue whether it be family or friends, it’s actually amusing.

No there is nothing wrong with me!!!

Obviously everybody is different and some people might not feel the same, but the general opinions I’m getting from forums and friends is that we don’t want babysitters for newborns. We want to cherish those moments with our children that these people have already had with theirs.

although it’s a lovely offer.. no thank you x

If you know the feeling or had the same, message, like comment!!!

H xx

One thought on “Not even had my child and I get pestered about babysitting..

  1. I hear ya sister!! Completely understand where you are coming from. I was exactly the same..still am!! Only get someone to look after Emilia if its work or a special occasion haha xxx

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