Pregnancy is..

Pregnancy is probably the only time sitting in your car at 7.30am, eating a full tub of mini brownies, then at 9am a cheese and onion pie and it be perfectly normal – I say normal loosely.

Been a while since I did a post – so I am now 25 weeks 2 days! Movement is strong and very often now, and can also be seen and felt from the outside. I went to the hospital 2  weeks ago because I was stressed something was wrong – because movement is so strong and then all of a sudden there was nothing it was horrible – but I don’t know what is worse the stress of thinking something was wrong or stressing that the midwives would think I was being ridiculous, I wonder if everyone feels like this when they need to ring for something.

The bump has properly popped out now, I’m trying to remember to moisturise twice a day and so far so good (also trying not to weigh myself). The only stretch marks that have appeared and the ones I already had from when I was a bit on the chunky side a few years ago, so these are just more prominent now which I can manage. Bio oil and Palmers Cocoa butter saving my life!!!


I actually feel a lot more like myself now – just bigger and tired. Although shaving is becoming harder every day, as I am just going in blind at the moment – Sam may need to help me soon!! Not long till the third trimester so now trying to get stocked up on nappies.. was it just me who felt like they had no idea which sizes to buy being a first time mum? so I’ve bought a few packs of newborn (Mamia – Aldi) size 1 and started to buy sizes 2 & 3 as well.

Insomnia is very real and horrible – I can’t get comfortable on my left side at the minute so its harder to sleep – I think I had about 3 hours the other night (even with my pillow), suppose I’d better get used to it as everyone keeps telling me. Still craving milk every single day, which isn’t the worst thing I could be craving. Everything else has kind of just dwindled away now.

(Can I also just rant a little bit at how ridiculous Statutory maternity pay is! I mean yes its great if you don’t have any bills and live with parents, but when you have a house and bills.. it seems a little on the low side. When you delve into this topic more the UK are one of the worst countries in Europe for low maternity pay.)

Somebody asked me the other day if I had a birth plan – No I do not. This is my first baby and I’d rather just go with the flow and see what happens, that way I avoid any disappointment if plans need to change fast etc. Hospital bag is what I’m researching at the minute, and what to put in it? so many questions that I couldn’t answer – How long will I be in hospital? No idea. How big does the “bag” need to be? No idea. Nappies, water wipes, baby grows the list is endless. I think once I’ve packed mine I will do another blog to list what I’ve put inside, although I bet I pack and unpack this bag about 40 times before I actually take it out the house.

One minute I feel so organised and prepared and the next I feel like I’ve done nothing and am not prepared in the slightest. Although I am pretty sure if she arrived now I would be ready and prepared enough (please stay in there though little one)

My dreams are something else – think of the most random parts of your life and then things that would never happen in a million years, throw some scary stuff in there and that’s probably not even near how wacky and weird they are for me. Never experienced anything like this and they feel so real, I’ve woke up crying a few times.

On a brighter note I haven’t started to lose control of my bodily functions just yet – I’d like to not wee myself when I’m laughing, coughing or sneezing but I bet its only a matter of time now!


Thanks for reading – Hebe x



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