29+4 weeks! The countdown is on

I haven’t done a post for a while, I’ve been struggling with exhaustion! Can’t wait to have my baby now.

I wasn’t going to have a 4D scan because I didn’t want to pay privately but I changed my mind and I do not regret it at all! It was amazing – I nearly cried! Seeing my little girls face and her little hands and toes wiggling around – makes all the tiredness, sickness, being uncomfortable, spots and everything else I’ve felt, worth it!!!!

It was also nice for sam to see as well, helps him feel involved – I can imagine it’s quite hard for the partners to feel involved when they can’t feel the kicks or the movements. And he loved it!

little girl is also measuring a bit ahead based on the size of my bump! (Wish people wouldn’t comment on how huge I am though)

Nesting has definitely begun and sorting through the things I’ve bought, I really cannot wait. These next 10 weeks couldn’t go fast enough for me. I don’t think the nursery will be officially finished as she will be in our room for the first 6 months or so. As long as it’s in there and prepared though I am happy.

Making lists of things I still need to buy before she arrives but the list isn’t very long and I feel so organised!

Breastfeeding is always something I’ve wanted to do. I don’t understand why everybody needs an opinion on this topic – I don’t have anything against anyone that chooses a different method but I hate people trying to tell me this is not the best choice or that it’s taking away from the man etc – firstly the mother in most cases is usually the one off for maternity so it will mainly be the woman feeding anyway, if the man wants to feed then we can express! There are other ways to bond with babies than just feeding!

Hospital bag is the next job – so hard trying to decide what to put in there, how many days do you prepare for, without taking too much in there with me? Do I make a back up bag in case I’m in longer and leave it in the car? How many baby grows do I need to take? Do I take a weeks worth? Nappies, how many? Are you allowed wipes are you not allowed wipes? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!

If anybody has any pointers on this then please message or comment.

Thanks for reading

Hebs x

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