Here she is…

So the last time I posted I was very pregnant.. and I know a few mums have asked for my birth story so here it is!!

On 30th December 2018 I hadn’t felt isla move much all day and I was worried with my walking so much that I’d done something, so we went in to be monitored and it turned out I was already 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. And I did have reduced movements – I got sent home and told to wait it out but as soon as I got home I received a call from the hospital telling me I was being induced in the morning and to come in. this would be at 38+2 so a tad early but still classed as full term.

I spent all of New Year’s Eve on a ward waiting to be induced, And I was experiencing contractions but they were just dull period pains, all through the night.

I finally went down to delivery sweet on 1st January, they broke my waters and then the fun began as soon as that drip was in. I got quite far with no pain relief but when I got to 5cm things slowed down; except the pain which only seemed to get worse and every 4 hours I was being told I hadn’t progressed. by about 16 hours in I’d already had gas and air, and the injection in my thigh.

I asked what would happen if at 11pm I hadn’t dilated further and they told me we’d be in talks to go into theatre. So I realised I’d have to have an epidural anyway so I had one and after all those hours and still have 4 contractions every 10 minutes I don’t regret it. After that I managed to sleep! At 3am I got told I was fully dilated but they wanted me to wait an hour so it was definite.

The midwife was late coming back in so it was 4.30am by the time they started getting ready for me to start pushing!! Isla was born on 2nd January at 5.23am weighing 7lb, she was perfect.

I needed four stitches as I had torn a little bit, not downwards like normal people I managed to rip upwards! Yay! I also lost over a litre of blood and had a lot of clots because my placenta wouldn’t come away which wasn’t nice and whilst this picture was taken I had 3 midwives trying to pull my placenta out haha! But it is true what they say nothing else matters in that moment, when your baby is plonked onto your chest it was perfect!

I have to say the contractions were worse than actually pushing her out! I do hope for my next baby (yes I haven’t been put off) that I can go naturally by myself because it wasn’t the nicest experience I’ve sort of tried to condense the story and not mention the pain too much- I wouldn’t want to put other people off. Everyone is different and I have a friend who got induced and gave birth within a few hours. Mine wasn’t so nice nearly 24 hours. She is absolutely perfect and Sam stayed by my side for the entire time and I couldn’t have asked for a better birthing partner!! I can’t wait for more babies!!!!

She is my entire world! Hence why it’s taken me so long to post about it I’ve been enjoying being a new momma!!!!

My next post will be on my breastfeeding experience! Which I am still doing – she is just over 9 weeks old. Very proud.

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to ask questions 🙂 hebe x

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