Our enemy – time!

One thing I noticed since having Isla is that my priorities have drastically changed! Not holding any grudges with anyone or letting little things upset/irritate me. After all life is too short and I think when you watch how fast your little ones start to grow and learn this is really important!

Let go of all that hate and focus on you! Our only enemy is time!! You choose how you use it, and what you do with it and now I have this little person looking at me to learn from hate/anger isn’t something I want to teach her. There is enough hate in the world especially now with social media. The best qualities we can teach our babies is how to love and respect each other.

Make every moment count!! In the 4 and a bit months I’ve had Isla in my life time has flown, and she is growing and learning new things every single day and so am I! We give birth and from then it’s the start of a whole new adventure – learning things like how to make a sandwich one handed or breastfeeding discreetly lol.

I guess my point to this post is that all your little one wants is your time and love, through my life I’ve learnt that time is often cut short. So I’m making the most of mine! What about you?

We all have a mutual enemy – TIME

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