Over a month ago me and isla were asked to review a white noise teddy! This is my honest review!!

We chose the Sophie bear, the set up was really easy it does require batteries, once set up properly to the my hummy app you can control it from your phone. It has many features, here are my favourites!!


You can control the volume of the noise which is really handy because once isla falls asleep I can turn it down a little so it’s more of a dull noise. Again this can be controlled on the app. I’ve also noticed a few other white noise machines don’t go as loud as this one.

Different noise:

It has 5 different noise options! Islas favourite is the one with the heartbeat in the background. It means if she gets a little too used to one noise I can switch it over to a different noise! All of them are pretty great.

Constant mode:

The constant mode is another feature I love and don’t think some of the other products have, it has a 12 hour constant mode which is perfect so it doesn’t turn off mid nap/sleep.

Sleep sensor:

This feature I haven’t got to use yet but I can’t wait to use and I will update my review when I have used it! But the feature means that after some time the bear will turn itself off and if baby wakes then it detects the cry and will turn back on.

I use this all the time! In the house, on walks, in the car I’ve even taken it out for tea with us! And the little portable heart that comes with it is easier to take out. I can honestly say this works for us! Obviously every baby is different but we love the white noise and this just did everything I needed.

Now isla is started to use her hands more she is aware that Sophie is there watching over her and she holds her hand now.

This really is a really good machine! I definitely recommend to anyone whose baby needs and loves white noise!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me x


Hebe & Isla

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