The co-sleeping mum

I absolutely loved co sleeping with my first – little Isla bum! It was so much easier to manoeuvre her over to me especially with breastfeeding. I think this is a baby must have! Especially whilst you are recovering from birth – those cluster feeds are a killer and I for one didn’t want to be getting up and down throughout the night whilst aching from childbirth. So much easier having your tiny baby within reach of you, and I loved the bonding experience as well.

We were sent this co sleeper (gifted) to review! And although I haven’t got Hallie here with me to try it out I love it already! It’s so spacious and didn’t take me long to build either. It’s simple and beautiful! I can’t wait to use it. This is from @petiteamelie on Instagram or their website is 🧡

I used a co sleeper with Isla but it wasn’t as big as this one! Everything feels more real now building baby furniture and having things in the house! I’m excited – I can’t wait for Isla to be a big sister!

They also sent a beautiful Pom Pom blanket for baby! Really worth checking them out! They have the most beautiful products!!

2 thoughts on “The co-sleeping mum

  1. This looks great, we never co slept with ours when they were babies, but this seems like it will be a great help for it. Aww I love the name choice you have gone for.

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