Baker Ross! – let’s get crafty

Me and Isla were recently sent some craft bits and during these testing times, were actually a god send – especially with having little Hallie here as well! Whilst the weather is horrendous and nothing else to do with everything being shut it was nice to put something together for Isla to do!

So I found an old cardboard box and made it into a house shape, then I let Isla go crazy decorating it in time for Christmas. Perfect little idea and kept her busy for hours. Included in the pack sent to us were loads of Christmas stickers including little glittery baubles and even tiny bells, A4 sized felt, ribbon and the glue!

We had the best afternoon. And to top it off Baker Ross is supporting Save the children by doing “old-plain-new-again” for Christmas jumper day which is the 11th December 2020! Which is upcycling your old Christmas jumpers or tops and recreating them rather than rushing out to buy new – such a fab idea!!!

Isla found it easy peeling the backs off the stickers as well which is usually something she struggles with when trying to do stickers! I’ve attached all the pictures for you guys to see. If you head over to their website you’ll see the packs they sell which aren’t just Christmas themed.

Thank you to baker Ross for sending us this little pack for isla – we still have loads left and will keep creating 😍

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