Mam colours of nature bottles

We started using MAM products when Isla was a baby as I needed a bottle that mimicked a nipple and could be sterilised easily. We liked the products so much that now we are using MAM again with Hallie! The teats on the bottle have a flatter shape which I believe helps the girls take them, being breastfed.

 The bottles we are currently using are the Easy Start Anti Colic Colours of Nature set which includes 1x 160ml bottle, 2x 260ml bottles and 2 soothers (one 0+ months & 6+ months). I love the colours which are very neutral and I think this would make the perfect gift for a new mum!

The special vented bottle base can help reduce colic and regurgitation by 80%, which makes feeding more of a relaxed experience. These are the only bottles the girls would accept so that’s why they are my favourite!!

The bottles can be sterilised in the microwave just by adding 30ml of water to the bottle. Head over to my Instagram/tiktok (@hebeaxon), where I’ve posted a video showing just how easy it is to sterilise the bottles in the microwave. 

If you want to buy your own you can check them out here.


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